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LEB-20 Standard

The ultrasonic welding press LEB-20 Standard is suitable for welding operations of thermoplastic parts from medium to large size.

  • Suitable for the assembly into special purpose machines or automation
  • Dove-tail main column, no deflection during stroke movement
  • Easy tool changing, only need one wrench for replacement
  • Welding travel can be adjusted by vernier screw. Accuracy: 0.01mm
  • 4-corner base with screws for horizontal adjustment
  • Heavy-loading roller rail is used, no deflection during downward stroke
  • There are optional travel measurement unit, pressure trigger unit, and digital controll for raising quality and effeciency
  • CE operating mode is available

Feature Value
Input Power Supply 190 - 265 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz , Single Phase, Supplied from generator
Size H 1066 - 1340 x W400 x D 750 mm
Weight 125 kg without generator
Color RAL3020, other color is upn request.
Display Pressure Gauge
Frequency Range 20 kHz: 19700 - 20150 Hz
Safety CE standard
Switches Dual-palm buttons with Emergency Stop at front
Drive Type Pneumatic double acting air cylinder Ø80mm
Drive Energy Compressed air supply: 7 bar maximum, 6 bar nominal Max. consumption at 6 bar: approx. 8 IIN/ stroke
Maximum Force 3000N at 6 bar compressed air
Stroke Movement Fast advance, short braking and gentle set down
Maximum Travel 100mm
Throat Depth 220 mm
Space Requirement Table approx. 1500x 800 mm, height 750mm
Height Adjustment 280 mm

Cobra XL 20-1000/1500/2000/3000
Viper XL 20-1000/1500/2000/3000
Anaconda 20-1000/1500/2000/3000
DTPS 20-1000/1500/2000/3000

Rail Precision Anti-creep crossed roller rails on the actuator Dovetail rails on the column
Horizontal Adjustment Horn/ anvil using the table top with 4 horizontal adjusting nuts
Too Fitting Horn: Screwed with boosted and clamped using swing door
Anvil: With special clamping jaw and T-slot, flange
Pressure Trigger (Optional) Ultrasonic triggering using differential pressure sensor
TIP002 is required
DTM (Optional) Standard digital travel measurement system. Accuracy 0.01 mm
TIP002 is required
Connectors All standard D-sub
Temperature -5XC ~ 45XC / Stock -20XC ~ 60XC
Design Switzerland


LEB-20 Standard
LEB-20 Digital
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